Involved Parents

The attachments between parents and their children are of foundational importance in child development. No one in a child’s life has more capacity to influence character, self-esteem, learning and behavior than a parent. Parents who leverage their importance by taking the initiative to talk with, and listen to, their kids about difficult life challenges, strengthen their kids’ abilities to make healthy life choices.

And parents need consistency in neighborhood and community norms that surround their children with boundaries that prioritize health and safety. Local norms are significant sources of messaging to children about behavior that is safe and acceptable.

Alliance for Healthy Communities is committed to supporting parents and communities in efforts to assure children’s healthy development. Through providing information, resources, support and opportunities to contribute to bettering the community, AHC works to empower families, neighborhoods and communities.

AHC needs the creative input and energy parents inject into activities that benefit their kids. AHC’s essential mission is to change community dynamics that enable youth alcohol and drug abuse. Kids are much less likely to use drugs and alcohol when the surrounding community makes such behaviors difficult and when their parents, neighbors and community leaders make it clear that such behavior is unacceptable.

So, get involved! Follow AHC on social media, bookmark our website for information and resources, attend AHC monthly meetings or participate in AHC work groups.