St. Louis County
Department of Public Health

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health (DPH) strives to keep St. Louis County one of the best places in the region to live, work, or visit. This is accomplished by regularly assessing the health and environment of the county and responding with sound policies that help assure the availability of high quality public health services for everyone.

Addressing the growing prevalence of substance use disorders is a priority for the department. In particular, the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic is having a profound and growing impact on all areas of St. Louis County and the St. Louis metropolitan area. The county has created an opioid action plan to provide a common framework for opioid-related efforts. Initiatives in the areas of education and prevention, harm reduction and rescue, treatment, recovery, and public health data work together to form a comprehensive response. The action plan aims to improve collaboration and coordination among agencies and community members, help overcome legislative and regulatory barriers, and focus attention and resources on needed solutions.

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