Healthy Youth

Healthy Youth Support

Alliance for Healthy Communities is eager to partner with individuals and organizations that serve the health and wellbeing of area youth. Organizations that offer safe and drug-free activities, that provide social-emotional supports and that can offer opportunities for mentoring, leadership development and service are of critical importance in AHC’s network. AHC’s partners enable our community to address the following challenges:

  • What needs to happen to make it harder for teens to access drugs and alcohol?
  • What are the important people around teens doing to help them avoid drugs and alcohol?
  • Are there positive adult influences in a teen’s life other than their parents?
  • How can we better support youth in coping with the pressures and stress of their teenage lives?
  • Are there sufficient community opportunities for youth involvement that will enhance their sense of purpose and self-esteem?
  • What are the creative outlets available to teenagers that can support, or expand, their passions?

In School

Share the drug-free activities that area students can get involved with like Teen Voice for Change, Peer Leaders, Middle School Mixers, and Stand Up 9.

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Out of School

Opportunities for youth to write a blog post, to recruit other youth volunteers, add to our social media conversations or create website content.

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